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FIFA 18. There will be 4, each one will give more envelopes for FUT than the previous one.

Electronic Arts has confirmed the  special FIFA 18 editions  can now be booked. You can book through FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Hack Site  There, fomenting a bad industry practice just announced. Gareth Bale throughout the season. There will be 4 different ones: the normal one and the ones to pay more to get envelopes. EA’s to invent special editions. And Bale to score either.

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As They make quite clear  on Their website  , The Most torch edition will be the Icon Edition. A subtle image in gold color tells us so. This version will give you access to 3 days of  early access  (so it can be played from the 26th of September). It will also give the cession of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo and one such Ronaldo Nazario during 5 games. 40 Gold Jumbo Premium envelopes, one Team Player of the Week assignment and special FUT kits complete the pack. This edition, look there, is only digital.

Soccer more real than ever:  pay to win

The edition of Cristiano is like the previous one but with less things. « Solo » will give the Portuguese as a cession and 20 envelopes. The Legacy edition, meanwhile, will give 5 Gold Jumbo Premium envelopes. This last one will be exclusive of the consoles of last generation. In addition, envelopes of all editions will be given over several weeks.

Electronic Arts HAS Given To announce Several things of Free FIFA 18 Coins  days before icts E3 conference. This way they will have more time to comment on the new and great changes that await the franchise. Today they have revealed the date of launch  , the differences that will exist between platforms and that Cristiano will be the one that puts the face to the game. In addition, it is seen that EA has decided to change sides and will stay a season with Playstation as a preference. Better than Gareth Bale trying to score some goal, of course.

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